We have developed a massive opportunity for businesses to get more customers back through their doors

Have you heard of the “Rule of 7“?

The rule of 7 simply states that it takes someone 7 times to see your brand and site before they get comfortable and buy.

A great way to get people to continually see your brand is through remarketing (or retargeting… the words are interchangeable). We call it Omni Pixel Read on and you will soon see why.

What is “Omni Pixel” and how is it different?

Typical remarketing uses the Facebook or Google network. We use BOTH as well as a handful of other networks to make sure you message is truly everywhere. Google, Youtube, Facebook, CNN, ESPN, Gmail and thousands of other partner sites.

Gets it done. Super slick site. Listens to what I would like then works hard to put it all together.

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What is “Omni Pixel”?

Why does Omni Pixel work?

Remarketing is the method of bringing a visitor back to your website that has already expressed an interest in your product or service. We will tap into proven templates, funnels, methods, and graphic packages that we’ve already used to help hundreds of businesses all over the world.

How does Omni Pixel work?

How it works is you put a pixel on your website. Through Google AdWords or Facebook ads, you can add this pixel to your site.

What it does, is when someone browses the web, those visitors that you ‘pixeled’ will see an ad for your company.

Retargeting is extremely cost-effective. It will quickly be one of your highest converting ad types.

** Ad spend is as much or as little as you desire and is in addition to our monthly marketing package.
For most businesses it is around $100-$150/mo.

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