How to Hire an SEO Company in Sacramento

Sacramento SEO company

Not too long ago, people weren’t sure about SEO. Today, one thing’s for sure: everyone needs SEO. If you’re looking to attract some serious traffic to your site, build your brand’s reputation, and master the social media game, then you already understand the importance of good SEO skills.

Like any industry, not every SEO company in Sacramento stacks up the same. SEO encompasses a lot of skills and addresses a lot of cracks in a business’s marketing plan. So, when hiring SEO experts, it’s important to take time to interview them and set the stage well. Here’s how to find the best agency for your needs.

Check Their Personal Track Record

Before you begin anything, see if the company itself ranks well for SEO. Try something like “best SEO company” or “best SEO company in Sacramento” if you’re looking for a local outfit. See where they rank in Google’s search results.

What page does their company land on? Before a company can help its clients, it needs to be able to help itself. The proof will be in the pudding if they themselves are mastering SEO for their own purposes.

Check Their Clients’ Track Records

Most companies will advertise whom they’ve worked with. Maybe you’ll recognize some of those names; maybe you won’t. Still, take the time to Google each company. What does their website look like? How does their social media presence appear?

Web design and social media outreach are within an SEO company’s scope, so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of work they’ve done for their clients. Some SEO companies are also able to help clients build out their blogs. Take a look there, too, to see if there are current posts with quality writing.

Assess Their Response Time

When you fill out a “Contact Us” form, how long does it take for them to respond? From there, as you initiate conversations via e-mail or phone, how long does it take to get a response from someone on the team?

It’s an interesting debate, whether to go with a small firm and a large firm. A small firm may offer more of a personal connection, but can they deliver the goods? Meanwhile, a large firm may offer wonderful expertise, but do they have the time to meet your needs?

Note the Questions They Ask

Throughout your conversations, take note of the questions they ask. Are they sincerely trying to understand your business? Does it seem like they want to get to the heart of your business goals?

Maybe you’re interested in ramping up your company blog in 2020. The prospective SEO agency should pick up on that and ask you questions about the vision for your blog. Or, maybe you have an in-house blogger who really knocks it out of the park but you don’t have a social media manager.

In that case, the agency should pick up what you’re putting down and talk to you about the direct tie between SEO and social media. You want to see that the company is alert and willing to tailor its strategy specifically to your needs and not offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

Ask for an Audit

At this point, if you’re feeling a quick and intuitive response, then ask for an audit before you sign on the dotted line. An SEO audit in Sacramento will accomplish many things:

  • check to see if your company ranks well for its industry
  • determine if your content is scannable and easy-to-read
  • see if you used high-ranking keywords to help your website reach the first page of Google
  • check for a smart link-building strategy
  • ensure your site is optimized for mobile
  • make sure your pages load fast
  • see where the user experience (UX) can be improved

Believe it or not, these tasks are merely scratching the surface. An SEO audit is a full dissection of your site, detailing everything from the speed at which your pages load, to how many headers you have on certain pages, to possible site restructuring. The depth of the audit will allow you to gauge the company’s expertise as well as their dedication to making your company grow.

Understand How They’ll Keep You Informed

At this point, all the technical jargon may feel a little intangible. Okay, they can tell you if your website is under the weather and needs an overhaul. Great, they can tell you if your social media pages are dull and lifeless, and need a facelift. But, how are they going to keep you informed of all these improvements?

The best SEO company will send regular reports. These may come out weekly or at the end of every month. Each SEO report will be different, based on company needs, but here’s a sampling of what may go into a report:

  • number of pageviews
  • number of unique pageviews
  • pages with improved load times
  • average time spent on page
  • duplicate content that was removed
  • thin content that needs to be addressed
  • broken images and alt tags that were replaced
  • broken links that were fixed
  • backlinks that were mapped
  • ranking insights
  • ranking progress
  • number of conversions
  • next month’s goals

Best SEO Company in Sacramento for You

If you’re currently on the hunt for the best SEO company in Sacramento, then we hope this checklist will help you qualify some wonderful leads. Don’t just settle for anybody; secure the creme de la creme as you gauge their portfolio, response time, site audit, and future steps.

Here at Site Igniters, we’ll conduct a free SEO audit that you can present to your webmaster. Or, we can do the work for you to help you improve the health of your site. No matter how competitive your industry is, we can get you to the first page of Google.

We’re also here to do more than analyze your site and email reports. We’re here to build your reputation, make your brand shine, and boost your sales higher than you ever imagined. Send us a line today! We can’t wait to take you to the top.